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Welcome to! is a web application dedicated to event and tournament registration.  Originally geared for the volleyball community, our event management product hosts several major features that will help you manage your workload, your tournament schedule, and your registrations with the click of a button.'s decision engine quickly decides who should get into tournaments that have the potential to fill, based on payment criteria. Should teams withdraw and others are on the waitlist to enter the tournament, takes command and facilitates moving the appropriate team into the event. All along the way, all system actions will send an email the appropriate parties to ensure they receive up to the minute communication.   SportsCommander is designed to coordinate volleyball tournament registration and is the easiest to use product in the marketplace.

With real time results for your events and the ability to mark them as 'final', the fans of the sport are never left in the dark. They are as up to date as you are when you upload the current file. What's more is that every update automatically notifies interested parties, so that nothing happens in our system without them knowing. Tournament directors and club directors alike can sit back, relax, and the take care of your tournament registration needs.

Running on the Windows Azure platform allows us extreme scalability when high load hits our system.  Using this Microsoft based platform coupled with the latest tools allow us to develop robust, user friendly application features that are second to none.

Truth be told, our system is a low cost, high option alternative to processing your tournament registrations manually. Please allow us to speak about our features and set up a demo by contacting us today! Contact us by visiting our parent company at: or by email @ We look forward to moving your organization to our systems today!

SportsCommander is a product of MMDB Solutions, LLC.