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SportsCommander Tournament Registration System has a facility to upload the current schedule.  As the tournament approaches most tournament directors will want to not only build a schedule, but publish it to those registered into the event.  SportsCommander helps facilitate this task with its upload schedule workflow.  When the schedule is uploaded, all registrants are emailed through our notification engine to notify them a schedule has been uploaded as well as providing the link the schedule.  If the schedule should happen to change, and the tournament director must update the schedule, once again, our state of the art notification engine will notify all registered teams and club directors that a new schedule is available for their viewing. 

Whether the schedule is sent weeks in advance or last minute, you can rest assured that it will be communicated to everyone at the instant it is available.  It is also directly available from the tournament information page.

No matter which way your events are run, SportsCommander Tournament Registration System can handle your configuration.

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