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SportsCommander Tournament Registration System can be customized for each governing body and each sport.  This allows great flexibility in using our system with YOUR workflow.  The team at SportsCommander recognizes every organization is going to operate differently we must strive to have our software be flexible enough to accommodate all of your unique rules and workflow within your organization.  Whether your organization runs 10 or 1,000 events, we can customze the workflow to fit your needs and objectives. From sanctioning rules to priority registrations through custom entry criteria, SportsCommander can build the rules that fit your organization.

SportsCommander has a 'we can give you what you need' because you are the customer.  We will be happy to discuss your workflow with you and ensure our system functions for you as you need it to, rather than have you comply with concrete functionality we have build into the system. 

No matter which way your events are run, SportsCommander Tournament Registration System can handle your configuration.

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