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SportsCommander Tournament Registration System allows collection of on line payments by using the PayPal engine.  Through configuration of the tournament director account, funds that are collected via our registration system are directly available in the tournament directors PayPal account, bypassing the middle man.

SportsCommander or its' parent company, MMDB Solutions LLC never handles a dime of your money directly, thus giving you direct access to your funds as soon as registration occurs and has cleared the PayPal system. 

The fees associated to using PayPal for collection are completely based on PayPal's current published rates.  See their site at for more details on pricing and transaction costs.  There is no additional fee to use PayPal online collection facility with SportsCommander other than the stated PayPal transaction fees. 

No matter which way your events are run, SportsCommander Tournament Registration System can handle your configuration.

Contact us at for more information or to arrange a demonstration.