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SportsCommander Tournament Registration System allows a tournament director to facilitate any levels they wish in their events.  Those levels can be the standard events used in you region or area, or they can be customized to your needs to allow a greater breadth of team types into you events.

Levels can be segregated by age if desired and unlimited in nature, as well as customized to your exact needs.  SportsCommander Tournament Registration System allows configuration your way, and does not apply any governing body specifics to ensure that your tournament configuration is as flexible as needed to accomplish your tournament registration goals.

With our state of the art level builder, you can choose any age group 10 through 18 or adult and combine any of those ages as appropriate for the type of event you plan to run.  SportsCommander Tournament Registration System puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to building your events, so that they are tailored to exactly what you need.

No matter which way your events are run, SportsCommander Tournament Registration System can handle your configuration.

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