Tournament Registration made easy!

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Whether you are a single club director, or have a team of club directors that manage events, SportsCommander Tournament Registration System can help.

With our state of the art account management, we decouple club director functionality from the user login credentials.  What this means to our club directors is they can easily have multiple users assigned to a single 'club director' account, thus allowing multiple administrators for purposes of team registration.

Club directors can:

  • Create and maintain teams
  • Register for events
  • Review financial transactions
  • Search for eligible events

SportsCommander Tournament Registration System allows for 'set it and forget it' for configuring teams.  There is no 'resets' per year.  You simply can switch a team from active to inactive and not have to worry about reconfiguring teams each year.  This process was specifically designed with club directors in mind to ensure they have a simple, one time entry of their teams and not have to rebuild teams each and every year.  SportsCommander believes in saving every possible minute of time that it can and this is just one of our many features that help accomplish that goal.

No matter which events you wish to enter, SportsCommander Tournament Registration System can streamline your registration process.

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