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Whether you want your registrations to be entered automatically or you wish to control the process every step of the way, SportsCommander is your Tournament Registration System. 

Our product has several options for you as a tournament director.  First, there is the first paid, first in structure.  This structure allows for automatic acceptance at the time payment is entered (via our online payment facility through PayPal) or entering a manual payment in our system.  At the instant payment is marked, a team is entered into the tournament if there is remaining space in that event.  If there is no remaining space the team remains on the wait list until the first possible moment a spot opens up and at that time, the team will be moved in on a first paid, first in basis.

As a second option, a tournament director can collect and approve documents.  This configuration couples the payment option listed above with approval of requisite documents, ensuring all information that is needed by the tournament director is not only collected but approved before the registration is accepted into the event.

Another option that can be configured for a tournament director is to allow manual acceptance into the event.  If you have a need to control the entries into the event directly, this configuration is for you.  This configuration will ensure that no team is moved into the registered status without explicit approval from the tournament director.

No matter which way your events are run, SportsCommander Tournament Registration System can handle your configuration.

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