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Using SportsCommander is simple to do and takes only minutes to set up.  We offer a no risk usage of our system.  SportsCommander offers a risk free system, where you do not have to pay for anything that you do not use in our system.  For example, if you run a 20 team event, but only get 15 teams, you only obligiation to SportsCommander is that you pay for the 15 entries. 

The features our product includes, at our all in one pricing, are:

Required and Optional Document Upload

Wizard like tournament set up

Paypal integration

Wait list functionality

RSS Feeds of information that can be linked directly back to SportsCommander

Streamlined Club registration and simple Team entry

Custom Level configuration

Automatic opening and closting of registration by specified dates and times

Ability for a club to see their financial transactions directly in SportsCommander

Real time result uploads

Clubs and activate and inactivate teams to allow for simple registration flow

Sample or Initial documents can be uploaded by the Tournament Director for any registering team to download

State of the art notification engine allows notification on all changes to any enrolled or wait listed events as soon as they occur

Save 'Draft' Tournaments

Free club director accounts meaning that a club director never pays a dime to register in your events!

We have a no hassle pricing policy in which we charge only $5 per team that registers for your event..

If you are a high volume user, please be sure to contact us with the number of teams you expect to register each calendar year to hear about pricing specials that will save you additional money when it comes to our product.

Tournaments from 5 teams to 5000 teams can be supported with our system and with the wizard like interface, we think you will find our solution user friendly, easy to use an affordable to cover your registration needs.

To become a SportsCommander Tournament Director is a few easy steps.

1.  Send an email to with teh following information

     a.  Your name

     b.  Your organization

     c.  Approximate number of events you will run per year

     d.  Approximate number of total registrations you will have per year

2.   SportsCommander support will build your account and grant you access to the tournament director tool suite.

3.    You can begin entering, listing and collecting registrations for your events! 

That's all there is to it.  Once these steps are complete, we can have you entering and collecting your event registrations with no delay!  Be sure to sign up today!